Thursday, 7 February 2019

More Cards and Stuff


I've been busy this afternoon updating my pictures so there is going to be a few posts this afternoon so I apologise in advance. Well as you all know I have taken the step into trying out mixed media and I love love love it. My first picture is from my Card Swap Challenge groups first challenge of the year and we were set the challenge to create an ATC hand and at first I was really really out of my comfort zone but once I knew what an ATC was that was me I was away and the person who received my hand was thrilled with it which made me feel great and here it is for you all to see:

My next picture was a challenge from the Junk Journals and mindful mixed media challenge which the theme was 'New Beginnings' and you were to interpret what it meant to you. Well when you see my entry if you know me really well you will know why I have went the way I have and without depressing you all, all I will say is meeting my husband was my new beginning and here it is :

My Next card is for my best friend who is my sis grandsons birthday card and like most other wee boys he likes all the superhero cartoons and things but I thought I would do something different and I made him a monster card and here it is

My Next card is for my fil who I refer to him as my pops whose birthday is on Valentine's Day which is a shame because its hard to get out somewhere for a meal who isn't doing a Valentine's menu which I can sympathise with having my birthday in december and all you get is Christmas menus so I decided to avoid the Valentine's colour and again do something different for him and here is what I came up with 

Last but not least here is a Valentine's card that I was asked to make

Sorry for such a long post but I thought it better to do this than do lots of posts blocking up your emails. I will speak to you all soon as I will have more cards to share. Have a great afternoon xxx


  1. Fabulous creations Cheryl, beautiful journal page! I love the hand idea, may have to do with with my granddaughter. I am your newest follower. :)
    Crafty Hugs, Sherry xx
    Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads

    1. Awwwwww ty Sherry Im loving mixed media and slowly learning new things. Oh the hand project I was terrified about doing but once I got started well as you can see I had great fun so I know your granddaughter would love this xxxxx