Friday, 19 October 2018

Neigbours Wedding

Afternoon my fellow crafters,

Found out the other day that my neighbours are getting married a week on Saturday and as we will be away in our tourer caravan I thought best get a card made so I can give it to them before their wedding rather than after. So yesterday I decided I was going to have a crafting day and make some cards especially christmas ones did I get them done????
No I didn't and it was a day from hell yesterday as nothing would work for me or I was dropping things and thats another story lol. I decided I would use my silhouette cameo as that would be quick cutting that out and letting me do other things. I set it all up for the correct settings and starts cutting and when I check on it I see that the blade hadnt went right through so out came my craft knife and I take it off the mat and got the second layer cutting and off I went and started to cut out all the bits that hadn't cut and I was there for an hour then another hour then check the second part on the mat and it was the same so it took me most of the day to make this card but I'm pleased how it has turned out I hope you all agree too.

I've got my first images to do for the incywincy challenge so going to get them coloured this week and card made early next week so I can enter this months as a normal entrant then after that I believe I will be entering as a Design Team member and I really cant wait.

Speak soon


  1. OMG I cannot believe your patience doing all that cutting--but that said you have a stunning result for all that work-beautiful
    Carol x

    1. Carol by the end I didnt have much patience but shows what sticking in does I had to do it again today ty for your beautiful comment xxxx