Friday, 16 November 2018

Anything Goes .......

Evening my friends,

Sorry I haven't been on of late but haven't been feeling too great but hopefully im on the mend now. Dont you just love this time of year when the nights are dark and you are warm and cosy inside and now the build of Christmas begins and I for one Love it, its my most favourite time of year and now my shopping is virtually all done just waiting on stuff to arrive and just my dogs presents to get. Well I have been planning if not working on my design teams themes and being a Guest Designer on Cute N Crafty this months challenge is called Anything goes - so I decided to do a Christmas card as it will help me start my ones I need to do and I chase Cute N Crafty's Abigail Rose digital stamp and her blue christmas papers anyone would think I was trying to do an Elsa from Frozen card but its not I loved this image as the way she is dressed and stands its just like my young neice who will be 11 in a week or 2's time so decided this would be her Christmas Card and now I'm away to see if there is any other challenges that it will fit into.

Will go just now and be back soon but here is what I have made xxxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Another Exciting Opportunity


As you know I was away for 2 weeks there and initially I had some craft stuff with me but in the second week I had very little to do so I caughtup with some emails and I am so glad I did as there it was an email asking if I would be a Guest Designer on their blog so I contacted them to see if they were still interested and thankfully they were. I am now also a Guest Designer on the CutenCrafty team and yesterday I was also working on this card. The challenge was a Thanksgiving challenge and again for this card I used an thanksgiving image and my backing papers were colours to match but adapted the sentiment to be suitable for a card I can give to someone. I hope you like it just as much as I do and its time to start working on the next challenges as well as get my own cards made including my christmas ones but I love being kept busy.

Speak soon 

Busy Busy Bumble bee

Good morning from a wet and windy and wild Scotland.

So nothing else for it it was down to do some crafting and biy am I busy. I have done two challenges for the INcy Wincy Design TM Christmas and Thanksgiving challenges. I have throughtly enjoyed making these cards and from someone in Scotland we dont really celebrate thansgiving so I tried to keep my colours as close to the thanksgiving theme but I had to adapt my wording on them so that the cards can be giving to someone.

I was so excited when I seen this image I just thought it was adorable and it reminded me of my neice and nephew who love having snowball fights so this card shhhh is going to be my neices card. The colours I opted for a little unusual as if you know me im a traditional girl to heart but knowing my neice is a pink girl its perfect for her.

I hope you like these as much as I have enjoyed making them
Speak soon

Friday, 19 October 2018

Neigbours Wedding

Afternoon my fellow crafters,

Found out the other day that my neighbours are getting married a week on Saturday and as we will be away in our tourer caravan I thought best get a card made so I can give it to them before their wedding rather than after. So yesterday I decided I was going to have a crafting day and make some cards especially christmas ones did I get them done????
No I didn't and it was a day from hell yesterday as nothing would work for me or I was dropping things and thats another story lol. I decided I would use my silhouette cameo as that would be quick cutting that out and letting me do other things. I set it all up for the correct settings and starts cutting and when I check on it I see that the blade hadnt went right through so out came my craft knife and I take it off the mat and got the second layer cutting and off I went and started to cut out all the bits that hadn't cut and I was there for an hour then another hour then check the second part on the mat and it was the same so it took me most of the day to make this card but I'm pleased how it has turned out I hope you all agree too.

I've got my first images to do for the incywincy challenge so going to get them coloured this week and card made early next week so I can enter this months as a normal entrant then after that I believe I will be entering as a Design Team member and I really cant wait.

Speak soon

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Exciting News

I am so excited to share the news that I am joining the Incy Wincy design team and I am really looking forward to starting with them and having fun along the way. This is a new blog that I will be adding to as we go along but I would love it if you could come join me on my journey and see where it takes us. I have been making some cards the last few weeks and one I am really happy with is the one that I made for my brother-in law. Most people say that they find male cards difficult to make but I actually find them quite easy to do but I like to try and personalise my cards as much as I can so I can please the recipient. Will be back later with more info but im looking forward to working with Heather and Katie and the other design team members at